Current – θεά της ακινησίας (goddess of non-movement)

θεά της ακινησίας (goddess of non-movement)
a street performance project featuring Angela Delichatsios
costume design/ενδυματολόγος: Λουκία Χατζέλου,
Κωνσταντίνα Πετρινιώτη
photographer/outside eye:  Γ. Δούκας

 underneath the Acropolis, a goddess arises…

DSC_0117 crop - small

DSC_0020 crop - small

still, peaceful, joyous…


she is the goddess of non-movement (θεά της ακινησίας)





 she brings attention to the joys of movement, by remaining still…

DSC_0088 crop-small








she invites passersby to ‘be beautiful’…

DSC_0103 crop - small

she is eternal and contemporary…DSC_0012 crop - small









she is you..DSC_0098 crop - small.