Training Leader

Angela Delichatsios is an experienced leader of classes and workshops in physical theatre training in the lineage of Grotowski-influenced Polish ensemble theatre.  She also provides cross-training with other modalities such as Viewpoints, Suzuki, Developmental Movement, Roy Hart Voice Work, and Contemplative Dance Practices.  Her courses and workshops involve full-body, rhythm, vocal, and ensemble training and are attuned to the experience level and abilities of the participants.

Her teaching philosophy:  

Swimming Upstream by Viva“To provide a supportive environment in which the capabilities of each individual emerge as they test themselves and expand against limitations of movement, partner work and the ensemble.

Practitioners gain in presence and confidence and fluidity of movement and choice and voice.

Practitioners experience being in the moment – in such a way that the moment expands and choices are plentiful and various.

Their embodied presence results in joy and release for practitioners and fellow participants.

In an atmosphere of trust and sharing, growth is possible and blossoms with ease.”

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