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Ερπετό γλυκόπικρο (Bittersweet reptile)Pedion Areos, Athens, Greece, May-June 2019
Director and co-creator of physical theatre/site-specific performance in city park with an ensemble of seven performers about a women’s bootcamp for eros, with texts from Sappho, Matsi Hatzilazarou, and Jenny Mastoraki.

Κάθε τι μια φορά ..τι να πει ένας διανοούμενος σε ένα δράκο; Chimeres.Space, Athens, Greece, Fall 2018
Director and co-creator of devised performance about the search for god in a post-postmodern era, with texts from Rainer Maria Rilke and Nikos Kazantzakis.

Buy Me, Θέατρο Underground, Athens, Greece, January-March 2016
Co-director and dramaturgical development for solo piece created, performed and directed by Natasha Dailiani about our relationship to consumerism.

Διάλειμμα Χαράς – Joy Break, Athens, Greece, Spring 2016 & Spring 2015
Director and co-creator of devised site-specific ensemble performance about the citydweller’s relationship with nature in a small canyon of Lykavyttos Hill in Athens, with poetry of George Seferis and Walt Whitman. The production also toured to the Araklou canyon on Amorgos island in July 2016, and to the Kourdisto Mandarini Festival in Pendeli in September 2016.

The beauty of fate – Staged Reading, Athens, Greece, February 16, 2015
Director and collaborator in script development of new theatre play by John Bicknell.

Είσοδος στο Φαράγγι – Entering the Canyon, Athens, Greece, June 28-29, 2014
Performer and creator of work-in-progress solo site-specific performance in Lykavitos mountain with poetry from George Seferis, Walt Whitman, and texts from The Papalagi.

exotic exile, Boulder International Fringe Festival, Colorado, US, September 18-29, 2013
Lead performer, creator, and director of ensemble performance about the Greek urban blues subculture and the Asia Minor catastrophe.

Actions in Public Space, Athens, Greece, Jan 2013
Performer in street performance created by members of Bread & Puppet Theater.

To Die in Athens, Warsaw, Poland, June 2012
Performer in staged reading, written and directed by Dara Weinberg at Komuna//Warszawa.

Drawing on Schulz, Wroclaw, Poland;  Manchester & London, UK, April 2012
Performer and co-creator of devised theatre project, directed by Song of the Goat Theatre, as part of MA in Acting programme.

7 Veils of the Apocalypse, Boulder, CO, July 2011
Performer and creator of work-in-progress showing of original piece about rebetika music and the refugees from Asia Minor.

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, Denver & Boulder, CO, Nov-Dec 2010
Performer, as Flaminia, and co-creator of show adapted from Changes of Heart by Marivaux, in production by Band of Toughs.

Swimming Upstream, Canyon Theater, Boulder, CO, November 2010
Director of ensemble-created original piece for VIVA Theatre Troupe.

Big Love, Boulder & Denver, CO, May & Nov 2009
Performer, as Eleanor, and co-creator of show adapted from Big Love by Charles Mee, in production by Band of Toughs (formerly known as Aluminous Collective).

Good Girls Don’t, But I Do, Boulder & Denver, CO, Aug 2009 & Jan 2010
Performer in ensemble dance theatre comedy, created by Joan Bruemmer.

Dead Man Walking, Boulder, CO, April-May 2010
Assistant director and scenework coach for Naropa University’s BFA in Performance production of play by Tim Robbins, directed by Joan Bruemmer.

Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre, various venues, CO, Oct 2007-April 2008  
Flamenco dancer in ensemble led by Rene Heredia, performing in theatres and clubs.

Women Who Love Passionately, Boulder Fringe Festival, Boulder, CO, August 2007
Director and co-creator of original solo piece, written and performed by Jennifer Milligan.

Acrobat of Passion, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, May 2007
Performer and ensemble co-creator of original project by Jennifer Milligan.

Roadie, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, April 2007
Performer and ensemble co-creator of original project written and directed by Mary-Laurence Bevington.

Carmen/Cleopatra, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, February 2007
Creator of and lead performer in an original performance about women, sexuality, and power, including arias from Bizet’s Carmen, text from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, flamenco dance, and Greek songs; directed by Colleen Mylott.

The Red Square, Boulder Fringe Festival, Boulder, CO, August 2006
Performer and ensemble co-creator of improvisational performance.

Approximately 15 Tons, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, March 2006
Performer and ensemble co-creator of original piece.

Feast of Fools, New York, NY, April 2005
Performer in benefit celebration and performance created by Dzieci Theatre.

West Side Story, Brookline, MA, Nov 2004
Director of West Side Story with 7th and 8th graders at the Pierce School.

The UnPossessed, Ashfield, MA, July 2003
Performer in physical theatre spectacle based on Don Quixote created by Double Edge Theatre.

Bereft, St. Mark’s Theater, NY, March 2001
Director of poem play by Donald Horwitz based on the Dido/Aeneas story from Virgil’s Aeneid.

Candida, Expanded Arts, NY, March 2000
Director of comedy by George Bernard Shaw about a love triangle and their struggle for requited love.



Ανοιχτή Φύση – Open Nature: JAMs, Athens, Greece, October 2015-June 2016
Leader of physical theatre and improvisational sessions in outdoor spaces of Lykavyttos hill, the park at Akademias Platonos, and the seaside at the Limanakia, based on Polish-inspired training and Contemplative Dance Practice.

rejuvenOasis, Avalon, New Jersey, December 31, 2014-January 1, 2015
Co-leader of New Year’s retreat ceremony, including physical theatre and improvisation practices.

Ανοιχτή Φύση – Open Nature, Athens, Greece, September-November, 2014
Leader of physical theatre and improvisation workshop in outdoor space of Lykavyttos hill, based on Polish-inspired training and Contemplative Dance Practice.

Πηγάδι: Αναζωογόνησης –  Well of Renewal, Athens, Greece, January 19-21, 2014
Leader of advanced physical theatre workshop in Polish-inspired training and Contemplative Dance Practice.

Training with ELANADISTIKANOUME, Athens, Greece, Nov 2012-Jan 2013
Leader of training based on Polish ensemble-theatre lineage to Athens performance group.

Workshop in Polish Ensemble Theatre Training, Athens, Greece, Dec 2011
Leader of one-week workshop in training based on the lineage of Polish ensemble theatre.

Band of Toughs Training Leader, Boulder, CO, Nov 2007-Jan 2011
Training leader of Grotowski-based acting and Roy Hart Voice Work, as member of theatre company Band of Toughs.

Physical Acting and Monologue Work, Boulder, CO, Aug-Oct 2009
Assistant instructor to Stephen Wangh for Grotowski-based physical acting course in Naropa University’s MFA Theatre: Contemporary Performance Program.

Grotowski-based Acting Coach, Boulder, CO, Jan 2010-May 2011
Acting coach for private lessons in Grotowski-based acting.

Harry Potter Acting Class, Boulder, CO, Feb-April 2009
Instructor of acting class for 8-10 year olds at Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids.

Physical Acting and Scenework, Boulder, CO, Oct-Nov 2008
Assistant instructor to Stephen Wangh for Grotowski-based physical acting course in Naropa University’s MFA Theatre: Contemporary Performance Program.

Discover Your Inner Diva, Boulder, CO, Feb-April 2008
Instructor for physical acting, character work, and Roy Hart Voice Work eight-week class in Naropa University’s Extended Studies program.



Piesn Kozla (Song of the Goat Theatre), MA Acting, Wroclaw, Poland, Sept 2011-April 2012
Acting training with acclaimed Polish theatre company, including ensemble training, partner exercises, acrobatics, polyphonic singing, rhythms, text work, devised project creation.

Naropa University, MFA Theatre: Contemporary Performance, Boulder, CO, Aug 2005-May 2007
Roy Hart Voice Training with Ethelyn Friend, Carol Mendleson and Saule Ryan; Grotowski-based Physical Theatre with Stephen Wangh, Erica Berg; Developmental Movement, Viewpoints, Choreography with Wendell Beavers; Body-Mind Centering with Erika Berland; Contemplative Dance with Barbara Dilley; Suzuki and Viewpoints with SITI Company; Moment Work with Tectonic Theatre Company.

Harvard College, B.A. in Social Studies with a minor in filmmaking, June 1995



Rebetika song and dance, Greek folk dance and violin, Oriental belly danceAthens, Greece, 2012-2014
Private lessons and classes in the above forms as training for the creation of a theatre piece.

Corsican singing and Gregorian plain chant,  Wroclaw, Poland, June 2012
3-day singing workshop with Jean-Etienne Langianni of Ensemble Organum at the Grotowski Institute.   

Piesn Kozla, 2-week workshop, Wroclaw, Poland, July 2006
Polish ensemble training: partner exercises, vocal and rhythmic training, text work.

Gardzienice, Kosmos Workshop, 2-week workshop, Gardzienice, Poland, June 2005
Mutuality exercises, singing Ancient Greek music in multi-part harmonies, and text work.

Double Edge Theatre, one-month workshop, Ashfield, MA, July 2003
Physical theatre training influenced by Barba, Kantor, Gardzienice, and Grotowski.

Poor Man’s Actors Studio, three courses, New York, NY, 2000-2002
Naturalistic acting and directing training based on Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen, taught by Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano.



Greek Folk Dance, Yoga, Flamenco, Oriental Dance, Singing, Violin, Wood Flute, Ancient Lyre, Rhythm.

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