IMG_2068Angela Delichatsios, Artistic Director of flagrante delicto theatre arts, is a director, devisor, performer, and theatre instructor based in Athens, Greece. She teaches Polish/Grotowski-influenced physical theatre, the Viewpoints and other contemporary theatre trainings, in Greece and the United States. She is a founder of flagrante delicto theatre arts, and a co-founder of Band of Toughs: A Theatre Collaboratory.

Angela holds an MA in Acting Techniques from Teatr Piesn Kozla/Manchester Metropolitan University, an MFA from Naropa University’s MFA Theatre: Contemporary Performance Program, and a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University. Recently, she directed the devised theatre performances Ερπετό Γλυκόπικρο (Bittersweet Reptile) in Pedion Areos park, Κάθε τι μια φορά (Everything Once) at Chimeres.Space (2018), and Διάλειμμα Χαράς–Joy Break, an outdoor performance in Mount Lykavyttos, which was also performed in the Araklou Canyon in Amorgos and the Kourdisto Mandarini Festival in Pendeli (2015-2016).

Other directing and acting credits in Greece, Poland, the UK, and the US, include: Buy Me,  The beauty of fate, exotic exile, Drawing on Schulz, Finders Keepers Losers Weepers, Big Love, Good Girls Don’t But I Do, Swimming Upstream.  Click here for Angela’s c.v.



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